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Nutrition for Tendon Health and Injury Recovery

Updated: Feb 5

showing healthy and injured tendons

Tendon injuries are common in sports and can be difficult to manage. What changes can you make nutritionally to prevent or treat your tendon problems?

Tendon problems are normally tricky to manage as tendons have very little blood supply and this means healing nutrients are not delivered in large amounts to the injured tendon.

However, during exercise tendon blood supplies are higher. So nutrients can be delivered to the tendon during exercise which uses the tendon.

Tendons are made from a protein called collagen. Research has shown eating collagen before doing a tendon loading exercise can improve the tendons health and decrease pain.

A natural source of collagen is bone broth. There are also supplement shots of collagen made especially to take before tendon loading activities. This is nutrition for tendon health and injury recovery.

Collagen to reduce and prevent tendon injury

Tendon injuries are frequently accompanied with inflammation at the sight. This can become self perpetuating in some circumstances as the immune system causes damage to the tendon, the damage triggers the immune system which then further damages the tendon.

The circle can be attenuated in some situations through dietary anti oxidants. Unsaturated fats in vegetables and oily fish are great for this. As are other antioxidants found in a variety of fruit and vegetables. This is another way to optimise nutrition for tendon health and injury recovery.

antioxidant foods for tendon and injury health

These are some small changes in nutrition which could improve your recovery or prevent injury to your tendons.

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