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About Me

What I specialise in

I currently offer group seminars. 


The seminar consists of a 45 minute education session bespoke to the demands of your sport and event. 

An optional second half develops individualised nutrition strategies for your event using the information from the education session. I provide generic strategies which are tailored to each individual attending the seminar using my expertise and the groups knowledge.


You leave with the knowledge and a plan to tackle the nutritional challenges of your event.  


Contact me for a free discovery call

I have helped people with







If your sport or event is not in this list I likely will be able to help so please do get in touch

Running race photo
Photo of clinical dietetics team at Derriford hospital
photo of winning Henley royal regatta
Me receiving my first class degree in Dietetics

My Story

I am a Registered Dietitian with a degree in Biochemistry and experience competing at the highest standard of sport. 


I completed a biochemistry degree at University of Reading in 2016 where I learnt about nutrition and metabolism in great depth. 

Throughout this degree I rowed at an international level with frequent trips abroad for training and racing. I had to learn to fuel my training while studying full time. 

After graduation I rowed full time. This gave me the chance to purely concentrate on sport and optimise every part of my performance, including nutrition. In this time I have been to Olympic final selection, placed 4th at European championships, won many national championships and won Henley Royal Regatta. 

Once retired I decided to pursue nutrition as a profession and trained as a Dietitian. I have worked in a clinical role as a Dietitian in hospital and in the community. This means I am experienced with managing many complex health conditions. 


If you would like help with improving your nutrition to reach your personal goals and think I sound a good fit for you, please book in for a free 10 minute discovery call

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