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3 Healthy diet changes: Simple changes for a healthier diet

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Small changes can be easier to make and over time layering small changes can make a big difference. Here are 3 changes to your diet to be healthier.

1.Eat a leafy green vegetable everyday. These are a great source of iron, B vitamins and fibre. They also have many 'phytonutrients' due to their colour. We don't fully understand the improtance of these yet, but they are linked to good health and a healthy gut bacteria. Healthy gut bacteria seem linked to most health conditions these days. For bonus points rinse the vegetables before use to remove any chemicals which may prevent your gut bacteria from enjoying the nutrients in the veg. Think if it wouldn't rot on the side in your kitchen it won't be able to be digested by the bacteria in your gut.

leafy green vegetables

2. Eat oily fish twice a week. this is advised by the world health organisation and other important players in health due to the content of essential fatty acids which your body cannot make. These are essential for good heart and blood health and many other parts of your body. Fish is also a great source of protein and if the skin is eaten is a source of vitamin D. The fish skin still has plankton on it which contains many beneficial nutrients for us.

fish stall full of fish

3. Eat a daily handful of nuts and seeds. These are plants and so support good gut health. They are also a source of healthy fatty acids, like fish. If eaten first thing in the morning there is some evidence they can increase fat burning, especially if eaten before exercise. Nuts and seeds are dense in nutrients and this provides lots for you gut bacteria to feast on and thrive. Having a diverse range of nuts and seeds supports a diverse range of bacteria. More diverse colonies of gut bacteria are associated with better health.

Continue following this blog for more simple healthy diet changes.

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